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Healthy food
Natural energy
Living culture
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Cocoa is part of the culture of Talamanca and of the Bribri and Cabécar Indians. Children learn with their parents and grandparents how to cultivate cocoa. Cocoa is also part of the local culinary traditions.

Cocoa is grown in agroforestry systems on small plots by Bribri and Cabécar indigenous people. These systems are rustic but have incorporated modern management practices. There is a variety of wild animal species in these ecological systems.

Pure cocoa is an important source of natural energy especially for people who require very high physical and mental effort. These gymnasts are doing their training in Puerto Viejo de Limón. 

There is a diversity of tropical fruits in Talamanca and also many possibilities to mix these fruits to make healthy and delicious recipes. Raw cacao offers a many possibilities of high-quality culinary innovation.

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